Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Needed: wedding recap

Clearly I am not a very dedicated blogger. The wedding was wonderful and I'll make sure to post about it before our one year anniversary (maybe).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Work is sooooo slow today...

So - I clearly need to post an updated to do list. I'm starting to burn out on all things wedding. I'm getting anxious for July to come already so we can have this party. I've never put so much thought and time into one event before. Work has also been dragging lately so I would like a vacation.

Location - venue is booked but the final payment needs to be made - $550. I will make this payment when we go see the venue in person over Memorial Day weekend. Yes, we booked the venue without ever being there in person. My mom did go and check it out for me (THANK YOU MOM). Our original venue closed for the 2009 season in December due to state budget cuts - it was a state park. Unfortunately this was 9 months before the wedding and the loss of this venue completely threw our budget off since it was an INCREDIBLE deal - $175 for 24 hours of a private park, building, kitchen, parking, tables and chairs. So, we were stranded and I kept getting really snarky replies to my inquiries regarding availablility since everything had already booked and everyone felt the need to explain to me that you are supposed to book earlier than 9 months in advance. Many of the venues were also hideously expensive (at least to me). I am not going to spend $3000 on a room for 5 hours - no way, no how (especially when you then have to have them cater for even more $$$).

So we booked a petting zoo. Well, not the whole zoo but a remodled "event space" on the same grounds as the zoo. Less than $1000 and we get the building, a private outdoor area, kitchen, sink, refrigerator, sound system, parking, bathrooms, the right to self-cater and 24 hours.

Ceremony Accessories - DONE - I have all the ingredients for the programs and am part-way through creating/assembling them. I purchased tags for the fans (from etsy) and my friend is going to stamp our initials on them.

Officiant Fee - DONE - As we have already been legally married, this is now unneeded.

Food - $700 - no further developments in this area.

Drinks - $310 - no further developments in this area although I did spend a ridiculous amount of time today looking at boylan soda and Izze on line.

Cakes - same old, same old

Veil - DONE - Aunt N. repaired it and it is ready to go.

Bridal Accessories - $50 - nothing

My dress - Aunt N has worked out the beading design and will be sending me fabric swatches shortly. ~$300

Kids' dresses - M's mother is still on the case and has decided to pay for it as well - Hooray!

Groom's clothes - $100 - I gave him a May 1 deadline for this, lets see if it works.

Flowers - $100

Reception decor: Done: Cake stands, tablecloths, jars Undone: card container, tubs for drinks, drink dispensers, tea lights, signs for tables, fabric banners (being created for me by my friend).

My ring - $650 (I'm pretty sure he knows it is supposed to be here BEFORE the wedding, but who knows).

His ring - Done

Attendant gifts - $50

Event insurance - $100 (will hopefully be completed in April since I have to renew my car insurance then).

Plates, cups, utensils, napkins - Done

Polaroid - still need approx. 5 packs of film - wish me luck.


Print and send invitations - deadline - May 20, 2009

Write the ceremony / vows

Create marriage certificate

Find someone to "officiate"

Finalize menu / beverage choices

Monday, March 16, 2009


I must say that I have made a fair amount of progress on actually acquiring items for the wedding in July. Its amazing what a little bit of actual money will help you acomplish - thank you tax refund.

$200 - vintage tablecloths - primarily off of e-bay with a couple from etsy. I have 16 - 10 for guest tables and 6 for cake/gift/drink/game tables. I think I might get 1-2 more because a couple I got I'm not loving so much. As we can all tell I went way off the deep end with the tablecloths, but I really like them.

$100 - cake stands. I was going to go vintage but I don't go to garage sales very often (M won't go at all) and the ones I was finding online were terribly expensive for the ones I liked. So, I got 5 Martha Stewart cake stands, 2 in red, 2 in aqua and one in white. I really like them although I don't know what I'll do with them after the wedding.

$100 - plates, cups, utensils - this seems expensive but they are all compostable and eco-friendly - from Branch Living.

$32 - napkins - this seems ridiculous but I wanted a specific version from Plum Party Supply -

$200 - M's ring, sized and everything.

$200 - Legal details (M and I got officially married on Feb. 13 for various practical reasons. The $200 represents the cost of the marriage license, my dress for that day along with lunch and cake for us and our friends/witnesses.) No one knows about the official marriage except for us/our witnesses and my office mates. We don't want to ruin the fun of the actual wedding for everyone in case the fact that the legal details have already been settled would effect their experience. This also solves the problem of the officiant who was going to charge $175 when the wedding was in its original location. We'll never know how much it would have been once we moved the location an hour away.

Anyhow, now we are focusing on a more quaker-style ceremony - similar to the one used by the bride in A Backyard Wedding. We just need to choose who will "officiate" the ceremony since clearly that person will need to know we are already married.

I have also gone on a polaroid spree. I now own three cameras in addition to the one I had already borrowed and I'm stocking up on the ridiculously expensive film (along with EVERYONE ELSE). I have some e-bay frustration.

Progress is being made on my dress. The primary fitting will take place over memorial day weekend - when everyone can get together.

I think my next post will be an updated to do list. This event is now less than four months away. eeek.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Budget - but updates will have to wait.

OK - in my blog stalking I ran accross a post at Veiled Vows regarding her proposed budget for an at home wedding. I am also trying very hard to have a budget wedding. It won't be at home because no close family members have a large enough property to house our exorbinant guest list of approximately 60 - 70 folks.

So, mostly for my own sanity and partially for anyone else interested - here is my budget breakdown using VV's categories --

$950 - Ceremony Location Fee (includes tables, chairs, sound system, kitchen facility and indoor / outdoor locations) HUGE drama in this area - hopefully to be humorously explained later. For now, this location is booked and final.

$175 - Officiant Fee - we do not know anyone who would have the credentials to officiate the ceremony and a licensed officiant is required in the state in which we are getting married.

$120 - Ceremony Accessories - we have already purchased fans for the guests (since it will be outside in the summer heat) and I'll likely purchase some supplies for programs ????

$0 - Reception Venue - same as ceremony location fee.

$700 - Food ???? We aren't having any catering staff and we are preparing the food ourselves. The menue will be picnic / bbq fare and Mr. M has a large and helpful family.

$310 - Beverages and Bartender - We won't have a serving staff but we will need to get a liquor license which will be $10. We are limiting our alcohol to beer and sangria. Our other beverages will be water & soda & iced tea. I am probably under-budgeting in this area.

$100 - Cakes - Again, Mr. M's family is making the cakes - multiple normal cakes (i.e. Darling Dexter)

$300 - Dress - Aunt N is making my dress -- Hooray for Mr. M's talented family.

$35 - Veil - 1st item I purchased from an antique / chocolate store. Doesn't really go with the theme (now that I have a theme) but I still like it.

$50 - Bride's accessories

$0 - Hair and Makeup - I have super short hair and I can do the makeup - it probably won't be spectacular but it'll do.

$0 - pre-wedding pampering - unless someone else pays for this and creates time in the universe, this is not going to happen.

$75 - Bridesmaid dresses - being made by Mr. M's talented mother and modeled on Darling Dexter's BM dresses.

$100 - Groom's clothing - Mr. M says he can do it for less and we're talking nice casual clothes, but he needs new nice casual clothes. Mr. M works from home & takes care of the kids - he needs new clothes.

$0 - Groom's accessories - I'll be lucky if I can get him into new clothes.

$0 - bouquets & boutonnieres - I'm getting a bunch of flowers (probably daisies) and making the centerpieces and bouquets for myself and my girls.

$400 - Reception Decorations / Centerpieces - I am including the flowers, mason jars, vintage tablecloths, candles, drink containers, tubs for the bottled water & beer & cake stands - perhaps I am under budgeting - I'm hoping to run into some good estate sales this spring because, although I love etsy, it is not the cheapest place for finding vintage goods in bulk - especially not if the goods are heavy.

$0 - ceremony site decorations - same place as the reception and the owners are letting us borrow an arbor.

$0 - ceremony musicians (i-pod all the way)

$0 - cocktail hour musicians

$0 - Reception Band / DJ

$0 - Photographer's fee - Mr. M's folks are paying for the photographer as a wedding gift but his mom got a great deal b/c the secretary where she works is also a part - time photographer and she got the whole wedding day for $700.

$0 - Videographer's fee - I'll probably just hand our camcorder to one of my brothers, or one of the girls.

$0 - Additional prints / videos - Unknown

$75 - Invitations & STDs - got the invites on sale at Michaels and will print them ourselves. Got the STDs from Vistaprint.

$30 - Other Stationary - Thank you cards I expect.

$650 - Her ring (both engagement and band) - I love Kate Szabone on etsy.

$100 - His ring - he insists on the most simple Tungsten Carbide band.

$0 - limo (yeah right)

$0 - Guest shuttle

$0 - Bride / Groom hotel room

$50 - attendant gifts - My girls are our only attendants and I think I will get them each something neat from etsy. If we have any extra we'll try to figure out something for all our helpers.

$0 - favors - I included this in ceremony accessories.

$0 - Parent gifts - Hope we can but I don't expect it.

$100 - Event Insurance (who knew???)

$50 - Marriage License fee

$150 - Polaroid film and guest book (this may have to go b/c the budget is getting out of control)

$50 - plates / cups / utensils

TOTAL -- $4570

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag - you're it...

I was tagged by Engaged and Enraged at I Hate Planning My Wedding. Here is my response:

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. (I'm not currently in the mood to follow instructions and learn how to embed links, so search for E&E's blog - it is very well done.)

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blog. (OK - again with the links - not happening today - so, anyone who reads this - consider yourself tagged.)

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog! (can't really do that because I don't know who will read this because I am uber lazy today.)

5. Eat at least one slice of pizza every day for the next week. (Ok, sorry, that's not in the rules, but shouldn't it be?) (I am including this last rule because I agree that it should be included even if it is a recent addition.)


1. my dog can smile and give hugs.

2. I HATE using umbrellas and rain coats. I prefer to just be rained on. I don't know why, I make the kids use these items but not me and I live in the Northwest, so this comes up a lot.

3. I change my hair color every 6-8 weeks and the color changes tend to follow the seasons - blond in summer and black / brown in the fall and winter.

4. I believe that Flashdance is one of the all time classic movies. That movie is perfect.

5. I've had the same best friend since I was 11. She had a baby 4 months ago and the baby is absolutely darling. I got to go visit and hold her today (often the highlight of my work day). Her dogs (which are much smaller than mine) will bite your ears and sit on your shoulders if you get down to their level.

6. I still have Child # 1's dead pet hamster in our freezer because she wanted him to be cremated and I have yet to actually take him to a pet crematorium and pay a ridiculous amount to fry him. He has now moved with us twice in his current condition. (He is safely wrapped in cloth and stored in a double zip lock bag).

7. I have a phobia about teeth. If one of the kids has a loose tooth and they show me, I have to freak out and do the gross out dance (yes the kids have learned how to use this to amuse themselves)- I can't even read books about loose teeth - and yes there are children's books about loose teeth. But I am a good tooth fairy - the kids get a substantial reward whenever they loose a tooth.

I believe I am now supposed to nomitate someone to continue this meme - I say if you are interested post this in your own blog - hooray!

My save the dates came and went - well at least my half went. Mr. M still has to gather the addresses for his half and then his half will go as well. I will post photos once I manage to remember to take a picture of them. I ordered them from Vistaprint, they are standard sized post cards with a design that Vistaprint had in their collection. The total was only approx. $30 for 100 including shipping. They aren't super fancy but I think they are pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update - October

So its been a while. I wasn't sure what direction to take this blog in. Should I rehash the last few years with all of its drama and trauma, or should I just move forward with the wedding planning and rather undramatic life I currently have (I like it this way)?

I'm just going to go forward and fill in historic details as needed following a short introduction.

I was born and raised in a small town in Washington. I lived with my mom and her husbands (she only had one husband at a time). I met my ex-husband when I was 14, I got pregnant and we got married when I was 18. We lived, I went to school, we had a second child, I went to law school, got a job, ex became an ex, I got the kids,
I entered a wonderful relationship with Mr. M. We are now planning a wedding for July 2009.

Coincidentally, Mr. M also grew up in the same small town I did. However, he is 2.5 years younger than me which means we never went to the same school. Apparently we were in the same karate class when I was 16, although I can't say I remember him, he says he remembers me. Neither one of us lives in this small town, nor do we live in Washington any more, so I am very thankful that we managed to find each other. He really is the best guy ever. He is wonderful with the kids and the dog and me. He cooks amazingly well which is great b/c I tended to prepare a very short list of dishes primarily focusing on carbohydrates and cheese.

I could go on forever about how wonderful he is but I thought I would catch up with the wedding planning progress.

photo from ebay

The dress (the photo above is the inspiration and all the info I gave to Mr. M's aunt. I really like the vintage look but I am not a tiny human, so I needed to get a dress made)- Mr. M's aunt came to our house to do a preliminary fitting of my dress. She is WONDERFUL (maybe it runs in the family). She was very patient with me since I know nothing about sewing or fabric or really wedding planning at all. She looked at all my inspiration boards (which was fun b/c although Mr. M will look at them, he doesn't have the right kind of enthusiasm), she managed to make a mock-up of my dress in muslin to take home with her, she revealed that she had a whole box of blue mason jars at home, she agreed to make our cakes (she was a baker for 12 years), she found the kind of fabric she wants to use for the dress and she found patterns for the kids' dresses.

I have gotten completely busy at work today so I will sign off for now. More updates soon and Hooray! I figured out how to get a picture in the blog.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Monday

Hello again.

First off, thank you to those who read my first post and commented. For some reason I didn't think anyone would ever actually read this blog. I must say I'm honored, you are all wonderful writers.